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Black to Black

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Incorporating black into your spaces can be intimidating. It is such a commitment of color—or lack thereof...or complete “presence of all color”... no matter how you consider it, decorating a space with black can be daunting. This month’s pinning has been a commitment to spaces with a commitment to black.

I love black. Its moody and dramatic. It is powerful but, in many ways, can have a sense of calm. For hotels, complete black-out is critical for guest rooms as a means to provide the best night’s sleep to guests whatever the time of day they rest. Black can also act as a strong foundation for introducing other bold color into a space without it feeling too adolescent, too busy or too forced. Black is classic and will never date—think little black dress.

As designers, the joke is that we have so many wardrobe options to choose from each day: black, black or black. It goes without saying that, as a designer, I love black! Let’s look at some interesting ways that black is used in spaces so it feels less daunting. Be bold! Introduce a little (or a lot) into your space...

Hot tip: try glossy black on doors and frames or use black as the foundational color onto which you layer in other color or fun patterns—using its grounding effects to balance out the bold.

Follow along with our pins here:

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