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Ready to Wear

As designers, we spend countless hours pouring through magazines and books to find perfectly appointed spaces as our inspiration. One thing I’ve always struggled with, even as a designer myself, is how to create beautiful spaces to live/work/play in that are also functional. In real life, things aren’t always perfectly poised so I’ve always worked to embrace the nature of that in my design work. It’s a blend of finding beauty in the natural flaws of your spaces but also working to find a balance with curated style.

With the holidays behind us and a mountain of mess to climb, this month’s pinning looks at easy ways to curate your spaces without losing the honesty in how we live/work/play every day. Our board “Ready to Wear” shows us simply curated designs that are, well—ready to wear in your spaces!

Hot tip: don’t try too hard to hide imperfections. Open baskets or bins can contain the clutter well if organized appropriately. Think of shelves for things more than just books—stack like objects together in mini vignettes. Hooks are a great way to curb daily messes like jackets and bags that typically get thrown over chairs. Embrace the beauty of real life.

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